Seminoles in the Spotlight

Alisia Adamson

1) When were you at FSU and what did you study?

2001-2005 - Marketing (Bachelor of Science, College of Business), 2005-2008 – Law School (Juris Doctor, College of Law)

2) You're a self described "Double Nole" - why did you choose to stay in Tallahassee for law school?

It’s the only law school I applied to, I wasn’t quite ready to leave Tallahassee. In addition, I had a relationship with a local law firm (Parks & Crump) that offered me an internship while in law school.

3) Where did you live as a freshman and what's one story you can share about where you lived?

I lived in Deviney Hall. Dorm life is the most fun I never want to have again lol. I developed life long friendships with my floor mates, we had a blast freshman year!

4) Where was your favorite place to eat in Tallahassee and is it still open today?

Awww man, that’s a hard one...I had so many favorites. I think I would have to choose Chubby’s Chicken (Mexican chop with wine & cheese sauce YUM) Yes, it’s still open.

5) What jobs did you work while in college?

I worked for the FSU men’s basketball team as a freshman, Crystal River Seafood and Parks & Crump LLC

6) You've been recognized with a few post graduate honors, what are they?

  • The Nation’s Best Advocate and Top 40 Lawyer Under 40 by the National Bar Association
  • Florida State University’s top 30 Under 30
  • Citizen of the year by the Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc.
  • Unsung Hero Award by H.Y.P.E (Helping Young People Excel)

7) What do you do now and how did your time at FSU outside the classroom help you in your job?

I am an attorney and founding partner of HAWM Law firm (Having an Attorney When it Matters). Being involved with various FSU organizations gave me the tools and network I needed to help me start my own law firm.

8) What would the Alisia of today tell the college Alisia?

Study abroad!!!! (That’s my only college regret)

9) We know you're a diehard Seminole sports fan - What's your best memory of being a fan?

As a student - storming the basketball court after we beat Duke. As an alum - going to the FSU championship game in Pasadena...best. day.EVER!

10) If a book is written about you, what would the chapters about FSU say?

The chapters about FSU would describe how I found purpose in serving others, stood up for my beliefs and met my best friends.

11) Is there anything else you want to add about being a Nole?

One of the best decisions I ever made was attending Florida State University. I enjoyed it so much, I went twice. I love being a Nole Woo Hoo!!!.

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